Serius Games is maintained by Vasco Freitas, Game Designer and Programmer of all games on this site.

Frederico Martins is the Graphic Designer of most of our games, and Francisco Furtado the Sound Designer.

We aim to create innovative, creative games, fueled by a drive to create new, interesting and fun things.

We are located in Lisbon, Portugal, and have been creating games since 2010.
Freeway Fury 3

You know the drill. Drive, jump onto vehicles, steal them, cause mayhem.

New story, vehicles, levels and more!


Lightning-fast gravity switching platformer.

Up to 6 simultaneous players on one keyboard!

Enemy hell shooter. For
hardcore shooter fans.

Awesome powerups.

Pixels galore.

A platformer with controls
that glitch on purpose.

The fate of the Universe
is in the hands of a
faulty robot.
Freeway Fury 2

The first sequel to the
car-jumping driving

With alternate paths,
and a "Free Ride" mode
with cheats.
Key Krusher

Test your typing skills
to the limit!

No annoying words to
spell, just keys to KRUSH.

Funny, witty, short and

Save the princess. Be
surprised at the ending.

Kitty brawler.
Freeway Fury

The original Freeway Fury,
a classic!

Insane car-jumping action.
Yes, car-jumping!

Release your fury!!!
September 18th, 2014

Freeway Fury 3 has finally arrived!

Play it for free here!

July 8th, 2014

G-Switch is now available for the iPhone / iPad!

Get it now, it's free!